Rome by Night



Rome by Night: 3-hour tour under the stars in the Eternal City

Tour Description:

Our city by night is simply one of a kind you’ll simply fall even more in love with it. An added bonus, get a glimpse of the open- sky museum when it is fully-illuminated. With our DeluxGolfCar we’ll enjoy the fresh air in the mystical alleways, intertwining streets, antique buildings, and romantic 5th century courtyards.


We’ll travel upon the cobblestone roads that were once traveled upon by carriages and today with the use of our electronic cars you will even be able to hear the sound of the water of Rome’s most popular fountains while sitting back and relaxing. View fountains such as The Fountain of Rivers in Navona Square, sculpted by Bernini, himself and the Trevi Fountain which has come back to unite tourists from all over the world, gazing upon its splendour and magnitude after its restoration, bringing it back to its original grandeur.


By the evening , we will reach the Pantheon and you will feel as if you’ve travelled 2500 years back in time. Next stop…Piazza Venezia, the monument that was dedicated to Vittorio Emmanuele II, or you might know it better as the “Wedding Cake”. We will cross the antique district bridge and arrive in front of Saint Peter’s Dome and its stunning square. And next onto the legendary Colosseum, dominantly standing in its shades of white and yellow due to the travertine used to build this impresssive construction. And then the Spanish Steps surrounded by refined boutiques, charming restaraunts, tempting ice-cream parlors and pizzerias.


We’ll breath in the night air and enjoy a different kind of Rome because for most of the tour we’ll be in the historical city centre with our DeluxGolfCar far from the main roads enjoying the peace and tranquility of the alleys and squares. And yes, I repeat ” most of the tour” because in order to reach St. Peters and the the Gianicolo or Janiculum, the hill that overlooks the Roman Cupola and gives some of the most spectacular views of the city center.

We’ll have to travel through the “regular” roads for a short amount of time but not to worry because even there you’ll enjoy yourself.

P.S. Your kids will love the DeluxGolfCar and they will never get bored! Actually,they may never want to leave!

Even if for a good amount of the tour, we will be able to to stay clear of the main streets of the city, there will be certain times for example in order get to the Vatican Museums or to reach the view of the Roman Forum or to see Piazza Venezia that we will have to take the conventional Roman roads. However, it will be enjoyable viewing our spectaular city while sitting aboard our DeluxGolfCar. My promise is that most of the tour will be spent in the most genuine part of the eternal city, parts that most tourists would never be able to see without the aid of our Golf Car so as to see Rome from a totally different perspective!


-Transport with our comfortable DeluxGolfCar with a maximum of 4 passengers

– dinner and any eventual extra.


We currently only possess ONE DeluxGolfCar but hope to remedy this situation as soon as possible. However,, our availability for the tour that you have chosen will only remain valid for 24 hours following the reciept of your request. After 24 hours you will need to check with us again to confirm that the dates needed are still, in fact, available.

we can transport only 4 passengers. 3 will observe the road while the 4th passenger will be seated with his back to us as you can see in the photos and videos. You can obviously change seats anytime you would like. Our Golf Car has a

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